Public Sector Event

Nerve Blocks: Ultrasound Guided For Regional Anaesthesia Masterclass

Venue: Manchester Medical School
Stopford Building
Oxford Road
M13 9PT

Date: 15 Dec 2014

Synopsis: Ultrasound guided nerve blocks are growing rapidly in popularity due to advanced technology. Conventional nerve blocks are performed without visual guidance is reliable on surface landmark technique. Not surprisingly the failure rate is up to 20%. Multiple attempts to locate the target nerve can lead to operator frustration, unwarranted patient pain, and time delay in the operating room. However, ultrasound is an easy to learn, moderately priced tool to provide real time imaging guidance during a nerve block procedure.


This interactive masterclass allows delegates to challenge and refresh their basic medical school knowledge of anatomy on Prosections at Manchester Medical School. Along side, they will also understand the 3-D anatomical relationship using an innovative software system.

Delegates will have hands-on experience of the basic, intermediate and advanced techniques of ultrasound guided nerve anatomy on human volunteers. This will build on their existing knowledge and develop more practical techniques to improve the perioperative care.

Delegates will not only leave this workshop with new knowledge which is evidence based but also with practical ways to perform nerve blocks that can be deployed in their own organisation the very next day.


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