Public Sector Event

Data Quality and Clinical Coding for Improvement

Venue: ICO Conference Centre, London

Date: 14 Jan 2014

Synopsis: “High quality data will underpin the transformation of the NHS, ensuring that it becomes truly patient centred and clinically led. Collecting and sharing accurate information with providers, commissioners, patients and the public will help to assess safety issues and identify areas where outcomes and patient experience can be improved.” NHS England, July 2013
“The benefits of a richer hospital dataset are legion. As citizens, we will be able to compare the quality of care provided by different hospitals, different hospital teams and wards, and by individual clinicians.”
Consultation on Hospital Data to raise standards and improve patient safety, NHS England and HSCIC, July 2013

This conference focuses on improving data quality and clinical coding to deliver clinically meaningful information that can be used by commissioners and providers to demonstrate quality, patient safety and act as an early warning system for poor or declining performance. This is particularly important following the events at Mid Staffordshire where the Francis Inquiry recommended that “All healthcare provider organisations should develop and publish real time information on the performance of their consultants and specialist teams in relation to mortality, morbidity, outcome and patient satisfaction, and on the performance of each team and their services against the fundamental standards.”” Mid Staffordshire Inquiry Feb 2013 The conference focuses on the quality of hospital data. Dr Geraint Lewis Chief Data Officer for NHS England recently stated that “Although the NHS has some excellent data systems, our commissioners are currently missing whole swathes of information about the care being provided in hospital. For example, commissioners do not currently know what medications patients are receiving in hospital, nor what tests and investigations are being performed... By extracting a more complete set of data from hospitals, the NHS will be far better placed to raise standards and reduce inequalities in care.” The conference opens with an update on Improving Data Quality learning from Mid Staffordshire, The Keogh Review and the Consultation into Hospital Data. The conference continues with expert sessions and practical case studies on how organisations are improving clinical coding and data quality including the development of the new hospital datasets and extracts. “Later this year, we will publish the technical specification for the hospital data set, and we will direct the HSCIC to begin extracting it from hospitals starting in April 2014... Those hospitals that fail to provide the required data on time will therefore need to work with their local commissioners on implementing a rapid remediation and improvement plan” Consultation on Hospital Data to raise standards and improve patient safety, NHS England and HSCIC, July 2013 “With the increased focus on quality in the NHS, it’s important that the tools we use to measure it are consistent and accurate. Clinicians have a vital role in ensuring the validity of the data that are used, not only to measure quality but to ensure appropriate payment” Dr Nick Bishop Senior Medical Advisor, The Care Quality Commission


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