Public Sector Event

Leading Your Organisation To Zero Harm

Venue: Hallam Conference Centre
44 Hallam Street

Date: 21 Jan 2014

Synopsis: A masterclass for leaders within healthcare who want to learn how to drive their organisations to a “Zero-Harm” culture.

Patients still continue to needlessly suffer and in some cases die because of errors and incidents. Increasingly there is a strong belief that these incidents can and should be prevented if healthcare is to achieve world class levels. Prof Berwick, a former advisor to the US President Barack Obama, and author of the recent patient safety review in the UK has said he believes the NHS could offer the safest healthcare in the world. A number of industries such as the chemical or airline industries now achieve ZERO injuries on a regular basis. This has involved major changes in behaviours and culture. This workshop focuses on what health professionals can learn from these industries where a culture of ZERO has existed for some time. The workshop is facilitated by Chris Lakin who has significant experience helping companies in the UK, France, the Middle East and Turkey achieve “Zero”. Chris spent time in the chemical industry with ICI and then DuPont in line management roles where he was accountable for creating a culture that enabled the elimination of serious injuries. “While “Zero Harm” is a bold and worthy aspiration, the scientifically correct goal is “continual reduction”. All in the NHS should understand that safety is a continually emerging property, and that the battle for safety is never “won”; rather, it is always in progress” 2013 Berwick Review into Patient Safety in England


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