Public Sector Event

Patient Involvement And Partnership For Patient Safety

Venue: ICO Conference Centre

Date: 21 Jan 2014

Synopsis: This conference focuses on patient involvement and partnership for patient safety – combining national expert sessions with local practice case studies the conference aims to equip delegates with ideas and tools to embed patient leadership, partnership and involvement from board to ward to improve patient safety.

The recent Berwick National Review into improving the safety of patients in England recommends that The patient voice should be heard and heeded at all times. -Patient involvement means more than simply engaging people in a discussion about services. Involvement means having the patient voice heard at every level of the service, even when that voice is a whisper. Evidence shows that patient safety improves when patients are more involved in their care and have more control. Patient involvement is crucial to the delivery of appropriate, meaningful and safe healthcare and is essential at every stage of the care cycle: at the front line, at the interface between patient and clinician; at the organisational level; at the community level; and at the national level. The patient voice should also be heard during the commissioning of healthcare, during the training of healthcare personnel, and in the regulation of healthcare services. The goal is not for patients and carers to be the passive recipients of increased engagement, but rather to achieve a pervasive culture that welcomes authentic patient partnership – in their own care and in the processes of designing and delivering care. This should include participation in decision-making, goal-setting, care design, quality improvement, and the measuring and monitoring of patient safety. Patients and their carers should be involved in specific actions to improve the safety of the healthcare system and help the NHS to move from asking, -What"s the matter?” to, -What matters to you?” This will require the system to learn and practice partnering with patients, and to help patients acquire the skills to do so.” The National Review into Patient Safety in England, August 2013


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