Public Sector Event

Government Computing Presents: Digital Transformation for the Public Sector

Venue: Grange City Hotel, 8-14 Cooper's Row, London, EC3N 2BQ

Date: 27 Apr 2017

Synopsis: Government Computing: Digital Transformation for the Public Sector is the key public sector conference that brings together IT leaders across Central and Local Government. Assuring a full day of networking and insights in to the latest developments that will transform your operations with the prime opportunity to meet the suppliers that are providing the technologies for this revolution - this is the event that is not to be missed!


The agenda for Government Computing: Digital Transformation for the Public Sector has been curated to explore and examine the latest challenges and opportunities in the public sector following Brexit. Through an array of case studies, presentations, workshops and discussions, IT leaders across Central and Local Governments alongside their private sector suppliers will join to share experiences, success stories and new ways of thinking.

Case Studies

o How We Did It - Mark Gray, Director, Digital Transformation, Crown Prosecution Service
o Insight in to how the CPS transformed their services- steps, challenges and opportunities and their plans for the future.
o Embracing Data Sharing and Analytics to Deliver Tangible Results - Sue Bateman, Head of Policy, Transparency Team, Cabinet Office

Exploration of how organisations can manage mass volumes of data, share it with partners (both public and private) and extract actionable information to improve services.

Roundtable Debates

o Cloud adoption in the UK market and its relevance on the public sector
o Hybrid cloud - the stepping stone to a fully digitalised public sector?
o Collaborative digital workspace - ensuring back office systems support digitalisation
o Utilizing data analytics in government operations
o Creating roadmaps for digital transitions - identifying what we want services to look like and how we get there

The roundtable debates will allow you to discuss the outcomes of previous sessions with industry colleagues and share perspectives that will lead to valuable lessons and ideas that you can implement within your work.