Public Sector Event

What tax policy-making teeth should a democracy outsource?

Venue: Institute for Government

Date: 5 Feb 2019

Synopsis: The Institute for Government is delighted to welcome Angela Knight CBE, Chair of the Office of Tax Simplification.

She will be in conversation with Gemma Tetlow, Chief Economist at the Institute for Government, discussing what has been achieved since the Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) was established in 2010, with a mission to reduce tax compliance burdens.


With a majority of businesses reporting that tax compliance costs have risen, rather than fallen, we will ask could more be achieved, does the Office of Tax Simplification need more teeth to do that and should a democracy give that sort of power to a quango?

There will be an opportunity for audience questions.

Angela Knight is Chair of the Office of Tax Simplification and standing down after three years in the role. She is a former MP for Erewash (1992-1997) and during that time a Treasury Minister.