Public Sector Event

Nursing Revalidation Masterclass

Venue: Hallam Conference Centre
44 Hallam Street

Date: 4 Feb 2014

Synopsis: This master class is aimed at Nurses across all clinical bandings, for Bands 5/6 it will facilitate individual preparation; for Bands 7/8 it will additionally enable a training role in their organisation (train the trainer).
Key areas to be explored are: appraisal, supervision, evidencing CPD, constructive reflection, and gaining patient/professional feedback.

Following a Council meeting on 12 September 2013, the NMC committed to introduce a proportionate and effective system of revalidation, which enhances public protection - by the end of 2015. Jackie Smith, NMC Chief Executive and Registrar said: “This model of revalidation will increase the public’s assurance that the nurses and midwives on our register are capable of safe and effective practice...It will provide a means of checking that those nurses and midwives continue to meet our standards in terms of conduct and competence, and that they have continued to keep their skills and knowledge up to date. We hope to see nurses and midwives take ownership of this process. It will promote their professionalism and will encourage them to reflect on the standard of care they provide to patients and clients throughout their careers. We appreciate the work that our stakeholders have put in so far to help develop this model and we look forward to hearing from a range of people in the consultation that follows to ensure that revalidation is as robust as possible.” NMC Sept 2013 This masterclass will prepare delegates for the following learning outcomes: •To gain a thorough understanding of the new elements/requirements of the validation process; •To make the connection between individual accountability and organisational responsibility for the revalidation process •To conceptualise and develop practical methods which will assist with implementation. •Supporting individuals in difficulty – preventing/dealing lapse of registration.


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