Public Sector Event

How to fix government outsourcing

Venue: Institute for Government

Date: 17 Sep 2019

Synopsis: A string of high-profile failures – from security at the Olympics to probation – has put Britain’s outsourcing model under intense scrutiny, and led to calls for a wide range of services to be brought back into government hands. But in some areas, the evidence shows outsourcing has delivered better and cheaper services.


At this event, we will launch a new report which assesses the record of outsourcing over the last four decades and sets out how to improve the way government contracts out services.

To discuss the findings, our panel will include:

  • • Rachel Reeves MP, Member of Parliament for Leeds West and Chair of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Select Committee
  • • Tom Sasse, Senior Researcher, Institute for Government
  • • Further panellist to be confirmed

The event will be chaired by Nick Davies, Programme Director, Institute for Government.