Public Sector Event

14-19 Qualifications in Wales

Venue: Cardiff Marriott Hotel

Date: 23 May 2013

Synopsis: Capita's 14-19 Qualifications in Wales Conference provides a critical forum for you to get to grips with the recommendations from the recent 14-19 Qualifications Review



  • Ann Evans
    Past Chief Executive
    Careers Wales Mid Glamorgan and Powys
    and 14-19 Qualifications Review Board Member
  • Arwyn Watkins
    Chief Executive Officer
    National Training Federation Wales (NTfW)
    and 14-19 Qualifications Review Board Member
  • Chair: Tim Pratt
    Past President
    ASCL Cymru and Headteacher
    Caerleon School
  • Gareth Pierce
    Chief Executive
  • Catrin Stephens
    Director of Bilingualism
  • Robin Hughes
    National Manager
    OCR Cymru

Aims & Objectives

Attend this conference with a colleague or partner from your local area and receive 20% discount on both places*

Qualifications in Wales are set to undergo major reform over the next four years. Ensure you are ready for changes to the Welsh Baccalaureate and the new programme of GCSEs and A Levels available in both English and Welsh by September 2015, and for major revisions to vocational qualifications by 2017.  With the launch of Qualifications Wales, the new awarding and regulatory body also due in September 2015, it is essential for you to understand the reforms and be ready for their implementation.

Key themes of the conference include:

• Strengthening the Welsh Baccalaureate (WBQ), reforming General Qualifications and Essential Skills Wales
• Increasing Welsh-medium pathway options
• Delivering qualifications that prepare young people for employment
• Understanding new performance and reporting measures for education providers
• Providing evidence-based course and career information

Attend this conference to hear from key stakeholders influencing the future direction of qualifications in Wales including 14-19 Qualifications Review Board Members, exam boards and prominent education providers. Make sure you are ready to deliver the Review Panel’s vision of a high quality, robust and distinctive national qualifications system that meets the needs of your young people and the Welsh economy.

Benefits of Attending

  • Understand how to prepare for key revisions to the Welsh Baccalaureate and the new vision for GCSEs, A Levels and Essential Skills Wales
  • Question awarding bodies about the implications of Qualifications Wales and other review recommendations
  • Put your questions to our expert panel of education providers about how to prepare staff and students for the new curriculum and exams
  • Explore how literacy and numeracy can be improved through revised qualifications
  • Learn how to expand the range and quality of Welsh-medium provision
  •  Get feedback from the Inquiry into Apprenticeships in Wales and learn how to ensure the quality of vocational qualifications you deliver
  • Discover how to integrate labour market information and essential data into your careers guidance to help students make informed decisions
  • Hear recommendations from a Welsh employer on how to match qualifications and training to meet skill requirements