Public Sector Event

Reducing And Monitoring Hospital Deaths Attributable To Problems In Care

Venue: Colmore Gate Conference Centre
DeVeres Venues
5th Floor Colmore Gate
B3 2QD

Date: 12 Feb 2014

Synopsis: The NHS Mandate states that reducing hospital deaths attributable to problems in care is a key area where progress will be expected. This conference focuses on reducing hospital deaths attributable to problems in care through mortality monitoring and implementing the actions from the Keogh review. Sessions will include learning from the Francis Inquiry and the findings of the review into hospital mortality outlier trusts, understanding how to recognise which deaths are attributable to problems in care and are therefore avoidable. Case study sessions will focus on how to monitor and reduce mortality, improving quality and saving lives in your service or organisation.

Delivering the NHS Mandate: ‘reducing unjustified variation between hospitals in avoidable deaths, so that standards in all hospitals are closer to those of the best… measure and publish outcome data for all major services by 2015, broken down by local clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) where patient numbers are adequate, as well as by those teams and organisations providing care’.” NHS Mandate November 2012 “Higher mortality rates do not always point to deaths which could have been avoided but they do act as a ‘smoke alarm’ indicator that there could be issues with the quality of care...Mediocrity is simply not good enough and, based on the findings from this review I have set out an achievable ambition which will help these hospitals improve dramatically over the next two years.” “All hospital trusts, regardless of whether they are outliers, need to examine, understand and explain their SHMI – and identify where performance may be falling short. Trusts with a low mortality rate could also provide valuable learning about how quality of care can be improved” Prof Sir Bruce Keogh, Medical Director for NHS England & Chair of the NHS Mortality Review


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