Public Sector Event

Care Pathways For Quality Improvement: Learning From The Liverpool Care Pathway

Venue: ICO Conference Centre
22 Berners Street

Date: 12 Feb 2014

Synopsis: This conference, chaired by Dr Kris Vanhaecht, Secretary of the European Pathway Association and Research Fellow, Centre for Health Services and Nursing Research, Catholic University, Leuven, Belgium, will focus on Care Pathways for Quality Improvement, beyond the Liverpool Care Pathway. A major theme of the conference will be how we can ensure that care pathways are implemented effectively, and understood by patients and clinicians; not used as a tick box exercise but as an individualised tool to support improvement in patient care.

“There is no doubt that, in the right hands, the Liverpool Care Pathway supports people to experience high quality and compassionate care in the last hours and days of their life. But evidence given to the review has revealed too many serious cases of unacceptable care where the LCP has been incorrectly implemented.” Baroness Neuberger NHS England, July 2013 “Where care is already poor, the LCP is sometimes used as a tick box exercise.” More Care Less Pathway, A Review of the Liverpool Care Pathway, July 2013 It has recently been recommended that the Liverpool Care Pathway should no longer be used in NHS Trusts in the UK. Care Pathways are being widely used for many different clinical conditions and settings and therefore the withdrawal of this major national pathway has implications for care pathways in more general terms. “The Review panel recommends that NHS England and NICE should review urgently the terms they are using to define clinical ‘pathways’, distinguishing them from protocols, standard operating procedures, guidelines, guidance, and best practice models. These must be intelligible to all, from clinicians to members of the public... A ‘pathway’ suggests to most people a road that leading somewhere. When someone is ‘put on’ a pathway, it sounds like, as one carer put it, they are being placed on “a conveyor belt to death” More Care Less Pathway, A Review of the Liverpool Care Pathway, July 2013


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