Public Sector Event

Leading Through Change with The Pacific Institute: Public Sector Leaders

Venue: The Pacific Institute- London

Date: 17 Jul 2013

Synopsis: Understanding your organisation, including its workforce and how it operates, is key if you are going to break down silos and barriers and learn how to work cooperatively and collaboratively both within and between your organisations to the benefit of those who you serve. Leading through change will help you do just that, and will provide you with the necessary tools that you can take back to your workplace and implement to the benefit of those around you and those who use your services. Delegates will be left with a foundation upon which they can build a leadership framework that can be rolled out more extensively moving forward.

The whole structures across public services are changing rapidly. Services are being devolved to the local and community level across healthcare, education, the emergency services and all other sectors. This is creating the need for all those who work and deliver public services to learn to think and act differently. The end of the top-down approach to public services has created a vacuum in which a new generation of leaders will emerge. As public services are becoming more complex and highly interdependent, such as the emergence of Health and Well-Being Boards, attendance at Leading through Change will give you the confidence to try new and creative approaches to the workplace, deal with complex leadership situations and provide effective service outcomes.