Public Sector Event

Project Management Masterclass

Venue: Hallam Conference Centre
44 Hallam Street

Date: 4 Mar 2014

Synopsis: This one-day masterclass will help clinicians and managers from all levels in health and social care to consistently complete projects successfully by teaching them to implement a disciplined process to execute projects and to master informal authority. You will come away from this course with a watertight checklist and plan on how to devise and manage all future projects.

Want to know how to achieve high quality projects, on time, on budget & within scope? Don’t have the authority to tell people what to do? You don’t need it with this oneday masterclass for the unofficial project manager. Everyone has projects but how many people manage them well? Improve your project management effectiveness & achieve success first time round with this one-day interactive workshop for the unofficial project manager in a health or social care setting. Today’s knowledge workers have quietly slipped into the role of the unofficial project manager. Stakeholders, the scope of projects not being properly defined, documented, or controlled also known as scope creep, no formal training, and a lack of process all combine to raise the probability of project failure costing organisations like the NHS time, money and employee morale.


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